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welcome to avteq srl

Guided tour and Tour Guide Systems

Tour Guide System

Portable systems for guided tours, interpreting services, training courses and classes, suitable also for noisy environments.

 Multi-language digital devices for museums, galleries and exhibitions

Museum Audio Guides

Digital systems for museums, galleries, cultural and architectural sites. Remote RFT activation function for each artwork to be described.

AVteq: Microphone systems for meetings, debates and conferences

Conference System

Wired and wireless microphone systems for debates and conferences. Digital recording, polling, Speed-Dome functions.

Tour guide systems, museum audio guides, guided torus, UHF portable translation system, interpreter’s headset

AVTEQ Srl distributes:

Multi-language audio equipment for museums, galleries, exhibitions and cultural and architectural sites of tourist interest.

UHF portable simultaneous translation systems, Tour Guide System and guided tour systems.

Professional infra-red digital simultaneous translation systems, for the best audio quality and top technical performances.

Wired and wireless microphone systems for debates and conferences, with auto-tracking camera, event recording and polling functions.

ISO4043-compliant interpreting booths, standard or modular booths with 2 or 3 interpreting sets; light and easy to carry, suitable for temporary installation.

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Introducing the multifunction digital audio guide with LCD display.....

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Fields of application

Museums - Galleries - Exhibitions - Tour Guide – Guided Tours - Interpreting – Audio guides
Conference and Debate Systems - Infra-red digital translation systems – Portable interpreting booths